Lovingly Arrive at His Feet

"Lovingly arrive at His feet." - as seen on a Christian blog I latched on to this, knowing surrender was my weak spot and control was my best skill. But I wanted the peace that I saw so many others have. I wanted the graceful surrender and was up for the practice. So I set … Continue reading Lovingly Arrive at His Feet


Waiting for Sunday

What Grieving During COVID-19 Taught Me About Holy Saturday I know the story of this day, but in years passed, Holy Saturday has held little meaning to me personally. I know as a Catholic it should but I was never able to understand how this day affected me two thousand years later. Jesus had died … Continue reading Waiting for Sunday


For twenty years home was constant. It was secure and protected by the hands and hearts of my mother and father. It was filled with joy in the form of laughter from siblings, neighbors, and friends.  The scariest moment was moving into a place of kinda sorta independence. Four years, that as quickly as they … Continue reading Home